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Hello. I'm just some artist who's mostly active in dA. I'm also an animator, but I'm still quite a beginner .u.' Yes, I can do simple requests, but I don't do 18+ however.

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Posted by AngelTheDarkHedgehog - December 11th, 2013

Welp you know what? I'm not really into Sonic Anymore...well, for a while at least. I already got into drawing some Anime characters or something. I don't know, but I guess I can try to make a comic here or something. Whatever, some plans may be decided..

Posted by AngelTheDarkHedgehog - July 21st, 2012

Because I'm quite busy in dA, so yeah. I'm starting to remaster in making flash games, but I'm not a professional though :I

Posted by AngelTheDarkHedgehog - June 1st, 2012

Actually, if you think she's like a bit of a Sonic rip-off (as in she's like a female purple version of Sonic, but with black stripes and one bang on her forehead), well just to let you know that I created her since I was 9. At first, she don't originally look like that (she's green at first), but I changed her looks. I made her spine resembling Sonic's spine, having black stripes like Shadow's stripes, and having one bang on her forehead. Also, she's not my only fan character, I also have more of them (some might look like a rip-off, so please don't bother). And hating on my fan character DOES NOT mean they will disappear (just saying it). Angel might look like a Sonic rip-off, but she does NOT have most of his personality. I'm not mad or anything, ok? I'm just telling you these, so that you won't think that Angel's a recolored version of Sonic. And also, at first, she used to be A Mary-Sue character (She had every powers and is called the 'chosen one'), but I DID tone her down (only has few powers and is no longer called a 'chosen one), because I new that it's being offensive. Please no hate or rude comments. Well if you do like my fan character, I might be flattered or anything (cuz only very few people does). Ok, that is all, if you have any question, go ahead and ask.